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Our Expectations

Midori Ishi Kai Martial Arts in Greenstone, Ontario aims to foster discipline, respect, and humility in our students through our martial arts classes.


The following are the rules of Midori Ishi Kai Martial Arts, and all participants must be familiar with and obey these rules for the safety of everyone and as respect to the organization.

  • Students must face in and bow upon entering and leaving the dojo (workout room or gym) every time.
  • Students must adopt a serious attitude at all times during class.
  • When spoken to by a black belt or senior students, students must reply with “osu” (pronounced as “oos”). This means: “Yes, okay, I understand.”
  • Black belts must be addressed as SENSEI (black belt instructor), while an assistant instructor/senior student is SEMPAI.
  • Students must ask permission from the sensei before leaving the dojo for whatever reason.
  • Sensei’s word is the law in the dojo and must be obeyed.
  • Do not criticize other karatekas (karate students).
  • Profanity and loud talking is not permitted any time during practice.
  • Chewing of gum, eating candy or any other food is not allowed. 
  • Jewelry of any kind including watches and earrings are strictly prohibited. This is for the safety of everyone.
  • Students should practice good hygiene, i.e. clean GI (uniform), and clean, short finger and toenails. Remember that this is a contact sport.
  • Students will neither provoke violence, nor allow themselves to be provoked, on pain of immediate expulsion from the club.
  • Students shall endeavour to arrive on time. If circumstances lead to a late arrival, the student shall await conclusion of the ceremonial start of the class before entering the dojo.
  • Listen attentively to all instructions so you receive a full understanding of the techniques or concepts being explained.
  • Stop all activity and talking when the instructing sensei speaks to you alone or to the class at large. Loud talking, vulgarity, profanity and rudeness are never permitted.
  • Bow before and after training with a person.
  • Respect all other members of the dojo, whether they are above or below you in rank.
  • When engaged in kumite drills, remember that you are using each other in a cooperative effort to advance your understanding of karate; you are not trying to defeat, harm or embarrass the other person.
  • The experiences and efforts of each karateka are worthy of your respect, even if at first you cannot recognize this fact.
  • Converse only when directed to do so.
  • We expect all students to practice the dojo kun in and out the dojo.

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