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Learn the Art of Karate

About Us

Midori Ishi Kai Martial Arts is located in the heart of Northern Ontario, in a community called Greenstone. The club has been operating since 1980. Originally, it was named Geraldton Karate Club, where Hanshi Fred Simioniatis and Sensei Roger Lemieux taught.

Today, the club serves two locations, Geraldton and Longlac. Individuals of all skill levels come here to practice traditional karate under the supervision of experienced Shotokan instructors.

In 2008, Sensei Lynnea Zuefle received the privilege of operating the club under the Northern Karate Federation with President Hanshi Fred Simioniatis (who now resides in Thunder Bay).

Since then, Sensei Lynnea has been operating a well-rounded club. Has had the privilege to teach students starting at a young age and help prepare them to earn their black belts ( five in total and two to second degree.)

Students assist in running the club to its highest

potential, taking the club to many regional, provincial, national and world competitions.

The club is highly recognized and has earned countless rewards. The club’s name was changed in June 2017 to incorporate the amalgamation of Greenstone Midori Ishi Kai, which simply means “Greenstone strong.” We have since incorporated the martial arts into the different styles that we welcome in the club.

A  little information about the  head instructor:

Lynnea Zuefle referred to as Shihan Lynnea  

Lynnea started her training at age 6 in Thunder Bay, (Slate River Community Centre), Under Sensei John Charry.

At age 17 earned her black belt under O'Sensei Masami Tsuruoka, and Sensei John Charry at Thunder Bay Karate School. 

 Lynnea moved to Geraldton in 2006.

Under Hanshi Simionaitis and the Northern Karate Association


3rd degree in May 2009

4th degree May 2014

5th degree in May 2019

Shihan Lynnea works with the Thunderbird Friendship and incorporated the club with her program the Urban Aboriginal Healthy  living Program which focuses on Youth leadership, sports, recreation, and nutrition.

In September 2017, Shihan Lynnea was asked to help Longlac Martial Arts Club as Sensei Sean Berard fell sick and then sadly passed (August 2018).  

In September 2018, Shihan Lynnea  extended the the club to have two locations both Geraldton and Longlac.

Shihan loves her club and all the students and can say that Greenstone Martial Arts is her passion and enjoys all that it brings.  

Why Join Midori Ishi Kai Martial Arts?

  • Overall, It Is a Healthy Choice
  • It Is Designed to Challenge You but Work at a Level That Is Comfortable 
  • For Awareness and Self-Defence
  • To Improve Concentration, Focus, Balance, and Control
  • Develop Respect, Discipline, and Humility
  • It Is Goal-Orientated and Builds Self-Confidence
  • For Direct Guidance, Peer Mentoring, and Role Modeling
  • Martial Arts Can Either Be a Sport or Recreational
  • Most of the Martial Arts Is Fun and You Can Establish Friendships for Life

“It’s not about being better than somebody else; it’s about being better than the day before.”

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