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Become a champion not just in sports but also in life through the mastery of martial arts at Midori Ishi Kai Martial Arts in Greenstone, Ontario. 

We offer classes in:

    • Shotokan Karate
      • Kickboxing
      • Kobudo
    • Self-Defense
      • Fitness

Little Kickers Program Ages 5-6

The little kicker’s class is fast paced, fun filled, educational, and motivational. Kids love martial arts and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a positive, well-disciplined, and encouraging atmosphere. Each class is specifically designed to develop fine and gross motor skills as well as life skills.

Classes start simple and gradually become challenging. All lessons are taught with positive recognition, reward, and reinforcement.

Karate for Children Ages 6 to Adults

We study the art of Shotokan karate and include all important aspects of physical conditioning: muscular development, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. Build self-confidence and discipline. Help achieve different goals within and out of the dojo.

Classes are taught by experienced instructors and youth mentors. Have the opportunity to challenge yourself within the club and with other clubs through in-class challenges or tournaments.


Within our classes, we offer the Japanese art of traditional weapon training for competitions.


Fitness Kickboxing Certified INC is recognized as the leader in MMA Fitness. Kickboxing is a safe and effective training program to improve overall fitness and learn proper self-defense. Either choose from non-competitive or the full contact for competitions.


“Martial arts requires patience. There is no quick way to grow a tree that is strong enough to 

withstand a storm.”

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